RAW VIDEO: Seth Rollins Explains Himself

seth rollins explains

After shocking the world last week Seth Rollins sat down with Michael Cole last night on RAW to explain why he turned his back on The Shield, taking credit for the faction’s creation and saying that what he did was best for his business.


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RAW VIDEO: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Vacated

the authority raw

After weeks of teases and non-committal segments Daniel Bryan was officially stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last night due to post-surgery recovery taking longer than expected. The Authority announced this news at the start of last night’s RAW in typical heel fashion then announced that the championship would be put up for grabs at Money in the Bank in a MitB match.

Stephanie McMahon stated that this was a possibility last week so this wasn’t shocking news but it’s still a bit sad that after so much build Bryan’s championship reign has been cut short due to bad circumstances. Here’s hoping he gets a crack at whomever ends up champion come Summerslam.


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WATCH: First Trailer for LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS Starring Hornswoggle


The Leprechaun franchise is getting a reboot courtesy of WWE Studios this August with Leprechaun: Origins starring Hornswoggle as the character Warwick Davis made famous. The first trailer has premiered over at Entertainment Weekly but you can check it out below instead because their shameless attempt to exploit inexperienced writers makes my goddamn skin crawl.

Leprechaun: Origins looks bargain-basement and awful, but I didn’t expect anything less. The original series of films weren’t exactly high culture but they were at least fun and this one looks anything but. Obviously I’m still going to watch it though.

Leprechaun: Origins will be available On-Demand everywhere on August 26th.


Jon’s RING OF HONOR WRESTLING 5/31/14 Results + Review – ACH Vs. Strong, Briscoe Vs. Bennett


Commentators: Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino

This week on Ring Of Honor Wrestling ACH goes one-on-one with The Decade’s Roderick Strong and in the main event Jay Briscoe looks to avenge his brother and work his way towards the man who has his championship by taking on Michael Bennett.

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Jon’s NXT 6/5/14 Results + Review – Neville Vs. Gabriel, Bayley Vs. Charlotte

NXT Logo

Commentators: Tom Phillips, William Regal, & Byron Saxton

NXT Champion Adrian Neville main events this week’s episode in a non-title contest against Justin Gabriel. Also on the show Bayley takes on new Women’s Champion Charlotte, the team of Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger resurfaces, and Tyler Breeze debuts a new music video centered on, who else, himself.

Match Results

  1. Mojo Rawley defeated Aiden English via pinfall with Hyperdrive (2:48). [NR]
  2. Non-Title: *NXT Women’s Champion* Charlotte [w/ Sasha Banks] defeated Bayley via pinfall with Bow Down to the Queen (4:16). [*1/2]
  3. Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger defeated Stuart Cumberland & Phillip Ghouljar(sp?) when Jordan pinned Ghouljar with the Jordan Slam (5:54). [*3/4]
  4. Non-Title: *NXT Champion* Adrian Neville defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall with the Red Arrow (7:29 shown). [**1/2]

News + Notes

  • Devin Taylor interviewed Natalya backstage, who said she would always have her husband Tyson Kidd‘s back and that everyone handles their losses differently.
  • Summer Rae returned during the Bayley/Charlotte match, much to the chagrin of the latter. The three BFFs eventually got on the same page and attacked Bayley after the match until Paige and Emma ran out to make the save.
  • Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger cut a backstage comedy promo trying to sing each other’s names or whatever. Okay.
  • CJ Parker was shown in the audience holding up a “May the Forest Be With You” activist sign.
  • Tyler Breeze introduced the world premiere of his music video, “#MMMGoregeous”.
  • A video played highlighting Bo Dallas‘s NXT run, complete with excellently lame 80s-sounding song.
  • Tyson Kidd came out at the conclusion of Neville/Gabriel and apologized for his reaction last week. He then challenged Neville to a rematch next week which Neville accepted. They shook hands and Neville told him it was his last chance.


The Matches

  • RAWLEY VS. ENGLISH: Rawley looked dead tired by the end of this match and it wasn’t even three minutes long. That’s Batista-worthy. This match didn’t feel all that different from their other one a few weeks back but admittedly Rawley looked a little better in the ring minus the panting. English seems to back to job status which he had before the singing gimmick. He’s good at being a tackling dummy though so it’s not a terrible role for him. (NR)
  • BAYLEY VS. CHARLOTTE: Blah match with Bayley’s offense looking pretty weak and ineffectual. Charlotte mocking Bayley’s slip and slide thing with one of her own was funny though and the commentary was spot-on with Regal putting over the “Figure Four Headscissors” very well. Summer Rae’s return was surprising as I thought she was still filming that movie no one’s going to watch but she’s a welcome return. Sewing seeds for a feud with Charlotte. (*1/2)
  • JJ & TD VS. GHOULJAR & CUMBERLAND: A squash match that went on way too long for my tastes. The slower moments did not do a great job of highlighting NXT’s new hotness of a tag team and honestly this one felt way less intense and interesting than their debut as a tag team awhile back. Ghouljar almost breaking his neck off a backdrop was horrifying to boot. At the least the commentary was entertaining enough to get me through this. (*3/4)
  • NEVILLE VS. GABRIEL: A good match outside of some timing issues but I couldn’t help but notice that Neville was facing the likely embodiment of his main roster career in a few years. Could easily see Neville get the Gabriel spot once he’s called up to the main roster which will be great for my Superstars reviews but bad for him. Still though this was a fun and evenly-contested matchup and it’s nice to have an NXT Champion who’s matches are actually fun to watch. At least for me anyway I know others disagree pretty wholeheartedly. (**1/2)

Odds + Ends

  • Welcome back Summer Rae, I have missed you way more than I thought I was going to.
  • Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger‘s backstage promo wasn’t funny but at least NXT remembered that team exists now that Kalisto & El Local are probably already done.
  • I finally get all the nice things people have been saying about Tyler Breeze. Between his match with Sami Zayn last week and the awesome music video he debuted I’m on the bandwagon.
  • The song in the Bo Dallas video package might even be better than Tyler Breeze’s entrance theme.
  • What is going on with Justin Gabriel‘s wrestling attire? It’s like he wants no one to take him seriously.
  • Nice of Justin Gabriel to patiently stand there and wait for the hurricanrana.
  • Tyson Kidd is already dressed and ready to go for next week’s match. At least pretend these shows take place on different nights!

Overall Show Thoughts

  • Like last time the first NXT episode following a 2 hour special was a bit of a comedown, but there was a lot of good here between the return of Summer Rae, the Bo Dallas video, the main event, and especially Tyler Breeze’s music video. Worthwhile edition of the show that set up next week’s main event simply and effectively so give it a shot if you have the time.


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Jerome’s AAW ON MADDYGTV 6/4/14 Recap + Review – O’Reilly vs. Cannon, Berwyn Street Fight, Lovelace vs. Sparx

AAW Logo 2

Taped from Berwyn, Illinois

Commentators: Phil Colvin and Derek St. Holmes (Dave Prazak hosts the insert portions of the show.)

This week it’s the women’s division of AAW heating up as Heidi Lovelace takes on Selezyia Sparx. We have a four way involving some of AAW’s younger stars (including a re-debut). And the main event features two of AAW’s best battling it out in a top contender’s match.

Action this week is taken from March’s Epic: 10th Anniversary event. You can order the show in full on DVD, MP4, or VOD.

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slamm 12

TNA has finally fleshed out the card a bit more for next Sunday’s Slammiversary PPV. Peep the new lineup below.

  • Eric Young (c) Vs. MVP for the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE
  • Grudge Match: Bully Ray Vs. Ethan Carter III
  • Samoa Joe Vs. Bobby Lashley
  • Willow Vs. Magnus
  • Mr. Anderson Vs. James Storm
  • Austin Aries Vs. Kenny
  • The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall Von Erich) [w/ Kevin Von Erich] Vs. ???

Slammiversary XII takes place live from UTA College Park Center in Arlington, TX on June 15th. Tickets are still available via UTATickets.com.


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